Adega is one of the most important magazine in Brazil for the world of wine… This glossy publication focuses on what is happening in wine around the globe.

Recently they published this really interesting article about the rise of interest in vineyards around the world, particularly during this pandemic where many wealthy buyers from around the world have been investing in rural properties with space around them. The article includes input from Home Hunts naturally.

The article begins with  – ” Between being a hobby or a business, the pandemic has accelerated the search and purchase of winery land in Europe and the United States”

They go on to say – “Those who buy vineyards for fun should not, in principle, be concerned with loss or profit. According to Tim Swannie, director of Home Hunts – an agency specializing in the sale of hobby vineyards in France – most customers (especially Dutch, German and American) are not looking for a commercial vineyard, but a nice house with lots of space around and an acre or two of vines where they can make their own wine.”

Read the article in full here (in Portuguese)

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