Interesting article from the Daily Mail regarding properties for sale around Europe and how there is a demand from British buyers to buy a holiday home in Europe before Brexit.

The article includes several beautiful French properties and also properties in Spain and Italy, as well as this there are quotes from Home Hunts director, Tim Swannie:

Tim Swannie, co-founder of French Riviera-based luxury property specialists Home Hunts, is experiencing a similar scenario. He said: ‘We have had a lot of interest this year from British buyers. We found that British buyers really dropped off immediately after the Brexit referendum, enquiries remained low for about four to five months, but then they started to build up again.

‘Towards the end of last year we were seeing a lot more interest from the UK and this year in particular, we have been very busy with Brits.

‘Pre-Brexit vote, 54 per cent of our clients were British but this dropped to around 15 to 20 per cent almost overnight. This year, however, we are back to just over 40 per cent.

‘Brits want a sunny escape, somewhere to visit and get away from the political saga in the UK.’

As well as the quotes, the article also includes this stunning properties from Home Hunts which is located near Grasse on the French Riviera:

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