Eu Business news ran this story from Home Hunts

The ease of getting to a property is often cited as a priority for would-be homeowners when buying a home overseas. This year, a number of airlines have made flying from the UK to France easier. For example:

  • In March, Air France doubled its offer of flights between Nice and London.
  • And in May, EasyJet announced that it is to add routes from Birmingham and Southend to Paris CDG.
  • This year, new flight routes from Belfast into Paris-Beauvais Airport were also revealed. And this summer, budget carrier Ryanair started new routes from Prestwick airport to Marseilles.

And train operator Renfe announced in June the launch of tickets sales for its high-speed rail services to Lyon and Marseille, stopping off at Avignon and Aix-en-Provence, and all the way to Madrid, making it easier for homeowners to travel between bigger French cities. And a new service connecting Edinburgh and Paris with an overnight, direct sleeper train, has been revealed most recently.

The article included links to several properties close to some of those destinations from Home Hunts


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