Interesting article from the FT which looks at how Brexit has affected the Paris property market. Brexit has caused uncertainly for the UK and, to a certain extent, the EU too of course! But who is winning when it comes to the property market? The Financial Times speaks to a variety of experts for their input. Francois-Xavier de Vial, from Home Hunts is one of those experts

Paris has seen a large increase in the number of high net worth individuals living in the city in recent years, partly down to Emmanuel Macron’s polices but also Brexit seems to be having an impact too. Not only are we seeing a number of London based clients moving to Paris but we are also seeing a real increase from Non-EU buyers for Paris property, particularly Russian, Chinese and Middle Eastern buyers.  See the full article here

You can read the full article here or click on the image below. If you would like to search through a great selection of properties in Paris, visit the Home Hunts Website

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