Great article from the New York Times focussing predominantly on a stunning French chateau located in the West of France. The property was built in the 11th century and has been in the same family for over 1,000 years! It is a wonderful example of a French chateau with stunning views and it is listed as a historic monument in France. Contact us if you would like details of the property

French chateau

As well as giving a great description of the French chateau and lots of photos, the article also talks about the French property market and includes comments from Home Hunts and some of our partners across France. The French chateau is for sale with one of our partner agents in Paris, if you would like details, let us know.

The article says “The housing market in France has been “on fire” the past few months as urban French residents with high-value homes, particularly those in Paris, have sought to buy in the countryside, including regions such as Poitou-Charentes. Even the coronavirus lockdown from about mid-March to mid-May did little to slow domestic home purchases in France — though foreign buyers largely disappeared, brokers said.”

It goes on to say – “In June, foreign home buyers began to return as travel restrictions were loosened, said Tim Swannie, a managing director at Home Hunts, an agency in the South of France. “The lockdown seemed to give people time to think and prioritize,” he said. “Many people who had been considering owning their dream home overseas for a while decided to take the plunge. We’ve had a lot of interest from clients who lived in cities, particularly London, Geneva, Berlin, Amsterdam and Monaco, and had spent their lockdown in apartments with little outside space.

In terms of who is buying property in France, the New York Times went on to say – Mr. Swannie said, he handled British, German, Swiss, Scandinavian, Belgian and other European buyers this summer, even as non-European buyers were constrained by travel restrictions. Traditionally, a broader array of foreign buyers includes those from China, Italy, the United States, Russia and the Middle East, he said”

You can read the full article here


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