There is a really interesting new article in French Property News magazine this month which focuses on the beautiful coastal resort of Saint Cyprien in Languedoc Roussillon or Occitanie as that region is now known (we still find it difficult to adjust, even though it has been a few years since the names changed…).

Fran Marcellin has visited the region and really got to know the town and surrounding area and gives a great review for what is on offer in this area such as “Long sandy beaches, the Mediterranean lifestyle, markets, the list goes on”.

The article also talks about the property market in the area and it includes quotes from Home Hunts and some of our partners throughout the region. “Properties are in demand from norther Europeans – and from continents futher afield – who want a sunny escape,” says Phil Rees, a consultant for luxury buyers’ agency Homer Hunts. “The area offers a beach retreat combined with mountain area, routes to Spain and a more relaxed and authentic feel than some other parts of Southern France”

As well as the quotes and information about this stunning region, there are a number of properties included in the article which help to give an idea of what you can get for your money. Three of the properties are from Home Hunts. You can see some of them in the pages we have included here. If you would like to view more properties for sale in Occitanie, click here 

To read the full article, click here – FPN – Nov 21 – Radiant Resort – op

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