Great article from the Financial Times which talks about Montpellier, the jewel of Languedoc Roussillon and explains a little about why it has become some popular in recent years

“Montpellier is a victim of its own success,” says Philippe Saurel, the city’s mayor. “People move here for the climate and lifestyle.” For Parisians looking to relocate, he says, “it’s the city of choice”.

The article also includes some comments from our very own Phil Rees who is Home Hunts’ expert on Montpellier and all of the Herault. They have changed his name (ever so slightly) to protect the innocent 😉 but if you would like to speak to Phil about property in Montpellier, you can email him here

“Phil Reece, a local agent for property-search company Home Hunts, says the city remains popular with both French and other European buyers. Typical clients of Reece’s generally have a budget of €600,000 to €2m, but tend to shy away from new apartments. “Period apartments are selling well,” he says, “but there’s no interest in new-build among my buyers.”

Reece’s agency is selling a first-floor apartment in a 17th-century building in the central Ecusson area for €889,000, while a 17th-century château, one of Montpellier’s original follies, with 13 bedrooms and 1.2 hectares of grounds, is on sale for €2m”

You can read the full article here

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