From The Rolling Stones to Elvis (via Aretha Franklin and David Bowie), these rock legends have shaped the history of music. But where do they retreat to after a lengthy tour or a hard day in the recording studio? Join us as we take a peek inside the luxurious, chic and sometimes downright surprising homes of rock’s biggest icons. READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE

The 10-bedroom home is spread over 6,500 square feet and has evolved and expanded considerably from its origins as a 17th-century sheepfold. There’s also an additional two-bedroom guest house. “Because of the way it is laid out, I can come here on my own and just use a few of the rooms without feeling that I’m rattling around,” Clapton said. “Likewise, we have had large groups over, and everyone can have their own space without being on top of one another.”

The family’s French housekeeper attests to how “very, very normal” they are, and Clapton appreciates the fact he can visit the local towns and buy a coffee “without any attention.” His girls also loved to play tennis on this wonderful court and swim in the pool. One wonders then, why on Earth he decided to wave goodbye to the home – known as La Faissinette – in 2014, listing it for €3.3 million ($3.5m / £2.8m) with Home Hunts. “Work and family commitments have made it impossible to come and visit for as long as we would really like,” Clapton admitted. “I will certainly miss the serenity here.”

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