Mansion Global is a leading portal and information site for the luxury property industry. They featured an article last week which had first been written for the Wall Street Journal, the article talks about the process for buying luxury property in London.

Tim Swannie, Manoir de l'Etang, Mougins, 14/12/2015 CREDIT: Emilie Malcorps for The Wall Street Journal BUYAGENT-Swannie 41909 Slug

Tim Swannie – Home Hunts

The article is slightly misleading because it says that buyers MUST use a buyers agents in London which is not true. Busy buyers can choose to use a buyers agent and often do because the agent takes a lot of the hard work out of the property search and also makes sure that their client gets to see every property on the market which matches their needs.

Within the article is a quote from Home Hunts Director Tim Swannie and a photo of him outside a luxury property on the French Riviera. We think it makes an interesting read, click here to read it for yourselves

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