Interesting article from the Sunday Times regarding overseas property. The article talks about the environment impact this may have how it can be reduced, by taking the train as many French property owners do. The Eurostar service offers a nonstop service from Kings Cross to Provence which takes around 6 hours… The feature speaks about many European destinations including Paris, Amsterdam and the South of France.

The article includes the following comments – “We are seeing many couples and families who are based in London take advantage of the train because they can leave the capital on Friday lunchtime and be in Provence before supper” says Nicola Christinger, client relations manager at the luxury property specialist Home Hunts “As well as the eco element, they like the fact that they can relax and enjoy the countryside on the train, rather than join the frenetic rush for seats on a flight”. Properties within a 25 minute drive of Avignon are the most sought-after – you can choose a more environmentally friendly vehicle hire from hire companies such as Europcar, which allows you to see the carbon emissions of each model. Home Hunts is marketing a five bedroom villa with a pool in the village of Boulbon, 10 minutes from the TGV station, for 1.378M Euros –

You can read the online article here if you subscribe to the Sunday Times, otherwise, read below. If you are looking for a property in Provence, check out the Home Hunts website

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