Interesting article from the Sunday Times about the beautiful village of Eymet in the Dordogne. Eymet is a very popular French destination with the Brits and the Sunday Times went to meet the locals, including our very own Rory Ramsden to discuss their thoughts on life in France, post Brexit…

Here is part of the article:

The gentle thud of leather on willow on a Sunday afternoon. What could be more English? And isn’t that Andy Caddick, the former England Test player, trotting in to bowl? There are a couple of other ex-internationals among the chaps in white, while the scorer is none other than the former England captain Mike Gatting. They’ve even got Nicholas Parsons providing commentary (not without plenty of repetition, hesitation and deviation).

Look carefully, however, and you may spot a couple of discrepancies in this typically British scene. There are wine glasses instead of teacups lined up on the lunch table….. Read the full online article here or click on the image below

Sunday Times Home 4th July[1]

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