Great article from the Daily Telegraph talking about the notion of owning a French Chateau… They have linked the story nicely to the launch of the new Disney film, Beauty and the Beast and it includes several French chateau for for sale as well as some hints and tip on buying a chateau in France. The article includes comments from HH Director, Tim Swannie including:

Many purchasers like the idea of owning a piece of history, but the appeal of the château is broader, says Tim Swannie of French agent Home Hunts. “Status is important for some buyers – the French château fits nicely alongside the Alpine chalet, Tuscan farmhouse and city penthouse – but that is far from being the main driver for most of our buyers,” he says.

“Location is generally the main appeal; they were specifically built in the best positions, with the best views, by the most important landowners of the time. Size also matters – they generally offer vast entertaining spaces, lots of bedrooms and huge amounts of land, too.”

Swannie says that people will either buy a château because it comes with vineyards or because they are ideal properties to run as hotels, b&bs, holiday rentals or yoga retreats. Some of these buyers are investors, but most are owner-occupiers with a passion for the property’s features and history.

“We are starting to see an increase in the number of Britons interested in starting a new life here,” he says. “We are currently working with several families, in one case two British families buying together, who are looking for a French château to renovate, with separate gîtes/holiday rentals in the grounds.”

Read the full article online here or view it below

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