The Times has a section called Bricks and Mortar each Friday which, unsurprisingly, is all about property…. In last Fridays issue, there was an interesting article relating to the purchase of overseas property whilst the pound is low. The article includes two properties from Home Hunts.
















We speak to our clients all the time about exchange rates and we have two bits of advice for them… Firstly, speak to a currency exchange broker to make sure you get the best very exchange rates you can… and secondly, consider a mortgage, it makes a lot of sense at the moment to think about taking a mortgage to purchase your property in France, interest rates are low and whilst the exchange rates are low, you can borrow the money in Euros and then when they eventually change in the future, you can choose to pay the mortgage off at that point if you wish.

See the full article here – the-times-bricks-mortar

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