Great article from the Times Newspaper which focuses on international investors and where they are looking to buy international property in 2017. The article includes quotes from Home Hunts and a number of our partners and discusses the trends that seem to be in place for the year ahead. The article starts by saying:

“As we put a dramatic year behind us — one that started with record sales for estate agents selling to British buyers in France and Spain and ended in uncertainty — what will 2017 bring?

The mixture of caution and opportunism that characterised the final months of 2016 seems likely to continue against a backdrop of weak property prices, coupled with political and currency volatility”

Home Hunts have seen an increase in interest for property in Paris and also Alps property from UK buyers in recent months. Whilst 2016 has been a volatile year, it turned out to be the busiest year we have had since we opened and it is looking like 2017 is going to be even more interesting….

You can read the full online article here or view it here:


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