There was a lovely little article which was featured across a large range of UK regional media last week focussing on this beautiful property in the Riviera hills close to Saint Tropez. The property in question is the stunning Domaine de la Sauvagere which is in a stunning location between La Croix Valmer and Cavalaire sur mer

This wonderful estate has been in the same family for over 100 years, the next door domaine, Domaine du Paradou is also for sale by the same family and it is possible to buy both estates together to create something outstanding!

The property was visited regularly by Winston Churchill and his wife before and after the war because they were close family friends and the property generally has a rich and interesting history, some of which is mentioned in the article:


Read about the entire estate here

Or just about the Domaine de la Sauvagere

Or here about Domaine du Paradou


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